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All Perspectives Covered.

Industrial vision solutions with software and hardware technologies that best fit any need.


Quality Assurance

inSpect the quality and abnormalities of your product in all stages of production, compare it with the norm by examining the shape, material composition, temperature, dimensions, colour, surface, homogeneity, granulation, marking, structure, and assembly integrity.



inSpect the quality and abnormalities of your production process to identify and prevent potential errors by monitoring the presence, orientation, positioning, and identity of raw materials, semi-products, tools, and other production resources.


Process Management

inSpect, enable, and control your automated and robotized production process with pick and place, palletizing and depalletizing, automated machine tending, reject removal and other application-specific (peel off, etc.) robot and machine vision solutions.

Applications in manufacturing.

01 Robot Vision
02 Catalytic Honeycomb Inspection
03 Surface Quality Inspection
04 Sorting
05 Geometrical Properties Inspection
06 Part Assembly Quality
07 Marking Quality

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